Zombie invasion!

I came across this crazy site today that’s basically a zombified Google Maps, thanks to Phil Hartley, the National Post’s tech reporter. The program was created by Binary Space. Every time I visit it I can’t seem to tear myself away.

I set it up so there’s only 1000 humans vs. 2000 zombies. For a minute it didn’t look like anything was happening, but then at the top of the map a whole whack of zombies started flooding into the city and doin their thing. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and if you arm your citizens you can hear ’em shooting their guns at the zombies… they hardly have a chance though. Here`s a YouTube video of what you can expect… enjoy!

What do you think of the site?

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Social media marketer who also happens to be a tech geek that's addicted to reading, movies, music, sports and coffee. Anything said on this blog is my opinion (obviously).

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