My musical fix: Dragonette

Artist: Dragonette

Album: Fixin to Thrill

Release Date: Sept. 29/09

I like it when I find Canadian artists that I actually enjoy and don’t have to like out of some messed up sense of patriotism. That being said, I actually have a lot of CanCon in my musical faves list. We have a tonne of excellent talent coming out of this country and I’m very proud of that fact.

As you can already tell, my first attempt at a #MusicMonday post is on Dragonette, a group described as “electropop”.

Fixin’ to Thrill definitely has that electro feel to it, but there are rock elements, like on the single “Pick up the phone” (video below), and even a little country flare on “Gone too Far”. It’s hard to pick my favourite song out of the bunch, but if I had to I’d say “Pick up the phone”.

It’s one of those albums that keeps bringing you back for more but when I first got it, I could hardly listen to half the album. To be fair to the band, I’m like that with most music. It usually takes me a few listens to get a feel for the music or not.

For me, Dragonette feels like one of those bands where I’ll always like what they put out. It’s fun, catchy music that makes for great listening in the car or on the bus, but it’s also got an exciting enough vibe on most tracks that you can play in clubs and get people moving.

I give Dragonette – Fixin’ to Thrill a 5/5

Now enjoy their awesome single:

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