Review of a Paulo Coelho book

Earlier this week I finished Paulo Coelho‘s “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept“. It was my tenth book by by the auther, and out of all of them, my favourite is still the first, “The Alchemist”.

The story follows a girl, Pilar, who reconnects with her first love from her teenage years. The reader follows her as she battles her inner self, which is trying to tell her the life she leads in her small village, going to school is safer and smarter. Her manfriend from childhood has turned into a spiritual guru of sorts. He opens up a whole new world to Pilar that reintroduces her to her faith.

This one is in the bottom-end of my top five Coelho books, simply because the story is a lot more interesting than the last few I’ve read. I also find myself feeling for Pilar and her struggles, which I haven’t felt from his books in quite some time.

I give By the river Piedra I sat down and wept a 3.5/5. It’s an easy read and you probably won’t hate it, but it isn’t riveting enough to give it a full-on endorsement.

If you read Coelho, which one of his books is your favourite and why?

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4 Responses to Review of a Paulo Coelho book

  1. red hair girl says:

    Read it! Quite nice, though I like Veronica wants to die more. I’m quite happy to meet a fan on wordpress cos in Vietnam not much people know about Paulo. As long as I know, none of his books has ever been published here.

  2. Sean Bailey says:

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Veronika wants to die is one of the few Coelho books I haven’t read yet. Great to see another fan on here too! Have you read all of his books? What is your favourite?

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