Great job Team Canada!

Congratulations go out to the Canadian Junior team for their effort in the World Junior Hockey Championship final against the United States. I would feel terrible if I didn’t also congratulate the Americans on winning the gold medal because they played a hell of a game.

Canadian junior hockey is some of the best hockey to watch. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch much of the tournament and I thought I’d miss the entire final against the States, but I got home in time to see the Canadians come back from 5-3 with under 5 minutes to go. That comeback was largely due to the amazing Jordan Eberle who got both of them. In doing so he also set the record for most goals by a Canadian Junior, moving ahead of John Tavares.

I can’t wait until next Boxing Day when it all starts up again. This time they’ll be in Buffalo and I gotta say I’m tempted to watch a game or two in person. Until then we have this little competition coming up in about a month called THE OLYMPICS, where all of Canada will be cheering “GO CANADA GO!” yet again.

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One Response to Great job Team Canada!

  1. Marg says:

    Buy tickets now for Buffalo, if they’re not already sold out :s

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