Sign language… for babies?!

I’m no baby expert so forgive me if I’m completely out of the common sense loop here. Recently my nephew told me about how in his parenting class they showed a video about infant sign language. For some reason I’d never thought of that being done before so my mind was a little blown. He said it helps babies grasp language better and it helps them communicate what they want easier which means they probably won’t cry as often because they’re not frustrated.

Lisa Hopen, CEO of “Baby Steps Video further explains the reasons behind signing on

“In the last few years research has been conducted to show the benefits of signing to your pre-verbal child. In the mid 1990’s it was revealed that, contrary to belief, signing does not deter or delay your child from speaking. It actually encourages earlier communication.  Sign enables a child to be an active communicator at a much earlier age. He can initiate communication exchanges instead of being a passive observer.”

I had to search for a video on this, to see baby signing in action; here’s one below. It’s so cool. When I eventually get around to the kid thing I’ll make it a point for them to know signs.

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One Response to Sign language… for babies?!

  1. kathyn says:

    Thanks for the nice article about the benefits about baby sign language and I LOVE the signs although, YES we do use baby sign with words and flash cards like eat, more and all done. There are 150 that baby can learn but start with five or six so not to overload baby’s little brain and have fun!! Start with our starter kit and vist my website by clcking on my name above 🙂

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