Has The Office pulled a Fonzie and “jumped the shark”?


I think any fan of this show in their right mind will agree that this season it’s gone downhill. What I’d like to know is when did the show jump that proverbial shark? I have a few possibilities:

  1. The merger of the two branches, introducing Andy Bernard to the main office gang. I liked the Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael + others feel. Around this time we began to see more and more of the other cast having a bigger role. With the expanded characters, there were too many personalities to deal with. It lost its simplicity.
  2. The 1-hour episodes. At first I was all for it, as any addicted fan would be. After a few weeks, 1-hour was clearly too much for this kind of show. I felt story lines drag out far too long and it became stale humour, not the quick, awkward witty humour I enjoy.
  3. Pam and Jim’s wedding. It’s something everyone wanted. It’s something we were teased with pretty much from episode one. It was that carrot that kept us watching, waiting, anticipating its eventual arrival. When they gave it to us it was great. Now they’re just a couple… a happy couple… a happy couple with a baby on the way… How is that funny?

Those are my three potential shark jump moments in the show’s history. If I had to pick I’d say the wedding is one I’m leaning to the most, but the other two have equally strong cases for me.

What do you think made The Office jump the shark? Or do you think it has even done so?

For those who’d like to know the origin of the term, “Jump the Shark”, watch this:

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7 Responses to Has The Office pulled a Fonzie and “jumped the shark”?

  1. Amanda Laird says:

    For me, the Office began to unravel the night of Michael and Jan’s dinner party. I shudder just thinking about that vasectomy conversation.

  2. Andy Bernard is better than Dwight man! Bleeding nipples, his stories about partying in uni (ie. drinking everyones empties), him falling into the lake with a sumo costume on and staying there all night…singing all the time. But I agree the Office is downhill like a mofo and watching it is more of jsu going through the motions.

    BTW, you typed sharp instreak of shark in “Those are my three potential sharp jump moments”. chummmmmmmmP

    • Sean Bailey says:

      Andy is better than Dwight NOW. I’m not saying he’s a bad character I’m just saying the show began to go downhill when they did the merger, hence introducing Andy.
      Sharp/Shark error fixed. Thanks for the heads up Oleks.

  3. Joseph says:

    I agree. I started watching the show on DVD last summer and was so excited for season six. I thought the show was pretty funny through all five seasons but almost every episode this season has been painfully unfunny. “The Lover” was the only one that I thought was very good and memorable but every other episode has sucked big time. I am too the point that I am not really going out of my way to watch it anymore. If I am home and it’s on, I’ll tune in but usually don’t laugh and I don’t go online to watch the episodes I missed. I think the Andy/Erin story arc, although cute, is very lame and lazy writing… they are trying to be the next Jim and Pam and it doesn’t work.

    I would not mind them canceling the show if this is the road it’s going down 😦

  4. I absolutely think it was the branch merger. Andy has disrupted the show’s character dynamic since his introduction, and the showrunners seem convinced that he’s such a great addition that they want him and (cute-but-thoroughly-bland) Erin to be “The New Jim and Pam.”

  5. Waaaargh says:

    After the Wedding, the show was on life support. Now the baby has put it into a coma. This show has jumped and been bitten by the shark. The prognosis is grim. The show will either be put out of it’s misery through cancellation or become a new show The Adventures Of Jim, Pam, and The Cute Baby At The Officey-Wofficey. There is hope; show Jim and Pam the door. Give them a spin-off for people who find them “cute”. That way they will stop killing the show. Introduce a meaner, ruder boss. Make the show The Office again. Maybe let Gervais do a guest appearance as an overseas visitor to tie the two “offices” together. Otherwise, it becomes another boring cliche-ridden sitcom for the shark jumper sludge pile.

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