LOST is back!

It’s been so long since LOST last aired on TV and I forgot the fanatical feel of watching the show, but after last night it’s back in full force (and non-LOST fans following me on Twitter collectively groan). I won’t be blogging about the show until season’s end, so before everything really gets going: Are you excited for the final season? Are you not a fan and happy to see it go so people like me will shut up about it? What are you looking forward to being answered the most? Here are a few of my major “need to know” questions coming into the season:

  1. The numbers – What do they mean?!
  2. Babies –  Why is there such an issue with them on the island? And how did Aaron survive?
  3. Dead people – Why are do so many of them keep making appearances? Does the island emit some kind of trippy acid that stays with you even if you leave it?
  4. Island’s beginnings –  Will Jacob’s story continue and tell us how this all began?
  5. Locke – Is he.. Jesus? Kind of answered in the first episode.. and no, he’s not Jesus, heh, but I’m still curious to see his “new” role expand and be explained.

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