Not really feeling the Buzz

Okay Buzz Lightyear? Pretty cool. Google Buzz? It may be too early to comment, but my first impression is that it has good potential, but I don’t see it taking on the big guns of the social media world.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the idea of living in my Gmail instead of bouncing back from Twitter to Facebook to email (Hotmail/Gmail). I’m in a comfort zone with how I use my social tools and I just don’t see that happening. After the much-hyped release of Google Wave, I haven’t noticed anyone in my social sphere using it, so what’s different this time around?

So far it seems to me like a new version of FriendFeed, minus the Facebook integration. I’m on Friendfeed but most of the time it just sits there and acts as an RSS for my Twitter updates, simply because most if not all my contacts there are on Twitter. In the short time since I’ve added my Google Buzz profile it’s done the same, except I’ve also included Flickr and Youtube, should I update those accounts in the future.

Another point I haven’t really heard relates to my pattern of social media use. I like my boundaries.

  • Twitter is a free-for-all, where unless you’re a bot, follower-hoarder, or marketer/inspirational speaker of some sort, I’ll likely follow you.
  • Facebook is for friends and some acquaintances/contacts.. though I’m open to opening the criteria up a tad.
  • LinkedIn is purely professional, like a business card exchange.
  • Gmail is for my professional emails / Hotmail (or Windows Live Mail or something) is for personal stuff

Though it goes against the social media “rules” as it were, the boundaries are good for me. I don’t know how the rest of the online world will react, and only time will tell. I’ll give this one a try like I did with Wave, but if it’s one of those things that doesn’t make it easy for me to integrate into my day, then I’ll be perfectly happy sticking to what works.

In case you’re looking for more, I’ve added Google’s video on Buzz and the features it has to offer. What do you think it will amount to? The next big thing or the next big dud?

About Sean Bailey
Social media marketer who also happens to be a tech geek that's addicted to reading, movies, music, sports and coffee. Anything said on this blog is my opinion (obviously).

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