Sushi is back on the menu

I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine of all kinds, but mostly the raw variety. You can imagine my disappointment when each time I went to eat it I found myself getting sick afterward. I stopped limited my intake of the good stuff for a while until I came to the realization that it may have had something to do with the coffee I was drinking around mealtime.

So today I made sure to wait long after my morning cup (free at McDonald’s – take THAT Tim Hortons!) and went to Sushi Shop, a relatively new place that opened up on Bloor Street East, near Church (another location at Carlton/Yonge). After much deliberation I ordered the Double Salmon Maki. Similar to the picture above,  but this version had salmon draped on the outside of the roll. I’m a big fan of Salmon Maki so seeing this made me anxious to try it.

I’m not a connoisseur of cuisine or anything but the food was very tasty. I did takeout and was lucky enough that the roll was just being made, so I didn’t have to wait very long. If you decide to make it a sit down visit there are about five or so tables, though when I was there there was just one table taken up. The service was also great; there seemed to be a lot of people working such a small restaurant, but they were nice and helpful.

Next time I get a craving, I will definitely be heading back to Sushi Shop again in the near future and It turns out my body hates sushi and I’m quite possibly allergic to it (maybe that whole high mercury level thing?) so I won’t be eating it again (sad face). HOWEVER…  if you’re in the area I don’t see why you wouldn’t drop by.

About Sean Bailey
Social media marketer who also happens to be a tech geek that's addicted to reading, movies, music, sports and coffee. Anything said on this blog is my opinion (obviously).

3 Responses to Sushi is back on the menu

  1. Jess Bennett says:

    I like this way too much. I think you should start a collective blog where people review foods they are allergic to. It would be highly entertaining!

  2. BAHAHA I LOVE THIS SEAN! And I love Jess’ idea for the allergic collective blog – my best friend is allergic to peanuts (but can survive if she eats traces – trust me, I accidentally once gave her PB cookie dough thinking it was choc. chip and she’s still alive today hahaha) – I’ll sign her up pronto! 😛

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