Banff-tastic good times

Still catching up with my adventures in Alberta, this post will be on our three day trip to Banff.

After we got home from Edmonton, watched LOST and crashed, we woke up early the next morning to finish our packing and began our (much shorter) drive out to the mountains. As with Edmonton the trip was mostly in one straight line, except this time the mountains grew ever-larger in front of us as we drove west. Even being in Calgary I didn’t appreciate the mountains as much as I did driving close to them and eventually being amongst them. The best part was the weather cooperating and being sunny for our three days there; this of course made mountain gazing and hiking around a lot easier.

Day One: While there we did as much of the touristy things we could but the first day was spent just wandering around town. Though cold it was nice walking along the river at sunset. It also made it great for pictures of the trees/mountains reflecting on the water. For dinner we went to a place called Magpie and Stump for some great Tex Mex food (think Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto).

Day Two: This was our full day in Banff so we wanted to get a lot done. First off we made the drive up to the Gondola ride but were a little early so we hung out and took in the scenery from below. Once it opened we bought our tickets and went up. The ride was a mix of amazing scenery and scarier than any roller coaster. I was happy when we got to the solid ground on top. The path to another observation area was closed off but we got to see quite a bit from where we were. I can’t wait to frame the pictures.

Next up we went to the hot springs, which was nice and relaxing. The scenery made it worth it but we could’ve done the same thing back at our hotel.

In the afternoon we went for a long hike which started out to find the Hoodoos, which are described as strangely shaped rock pillars. We found them but could only view from afar, which was a bit disappointing. We spent much of the rest of the afternoon exploring the mountain and around the forests. I gotta say hiking is the most fun form of exercise out there and if you get the chance, do it!

Day three: We began our day after our 11am check out at the Cave and Basin which was a stinky sulfur-filled adventure. It was cool to see the original hot springs which are now a protected area for an endangered species of snail. We also watched a movie on the founding of the hot springs, which was a bit cheesy but still interesting to know.

After all that we went in search of food and gifts to bring back for family before heading back to Calgary and ending our stay in Banff far too soon. Though it’s a bit of a tourist trap, it’s still a beautiful area and it’s far more exciting than Niagara Falls, that’s for sure.

Have you ever been to Banff? What was your experience like?

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