Not this year Leafs fans

Another season has come and gone in Leafs Nation and unfortunately it marks the fifth straight season the team hasn’t qualified for the playoffs (though it’s been six if you count the lockout year).

As a fan it’s been disappointing to not see post season play in Toronto for so long. There are, however, a couple bright sides to our near-basement dwelling results (thanks Edmonton!). Many in Toronto have been all about the spend to win philosophy throughout the years, which clearly hasn’t paid off. Since the lock out Toronto has finally begun the rebuilding plan that so many others wished they had instituted years ago. I’m happy to see MLSE finally gets that it takes a few years of watching young kids get their legs before you can see success. Great teams like Detroit, New Jersey or Pittsburgh have all had their bottom dwelling days. Now thanks to great drafting and building from within, those franchises are perennial playoff success stories.

So Leaf Nation, while it sucks to be at the bottom, it takes a little time to become a winning team. I know we’ve been waiting since 1967 for that Cup, so I’m sure we can wait just a bit longer. I just hope ownership doesn’t get too impatient and start its free spending up again (as much as can be done in this cap world). I’d prefer quality Stanley Cup runs over showing up in the playoffs each year only to bow out early.

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