My review of The Gum Thief

I finished The Gum Thief the day before I left for Calgary and it’s review got pushed to the back burner, and eventually forgotten – until now.

This was book number six in my “26 in 52 Challenge” and the second Douglas Coupland book I’ve read; the first being Hey Nostradamus! which I read maybe three years ago, and enjoyed enough to try his work out again. The plot for The Gum Thief is pretty simple. It revolves around a guy who works at a Staples in Vancouver and he’s had issues with his recent divorce. He spends his spare time writing a fiction novel, which has many similar characters from his life at Staples. The piece ends up being read by one of his coworkers, who is originally freaked out by the similarities, specifically to her own self, and how accurate they are. Throughout the novel the two coworkers become closer through writing to each other. There’s never any verbal dialogue between the two but they begin helping each other out with the difficult situations that have come up in their lives.

I like Coupland’s novels because of the strong character development, but the people just seem too depressed all the time. I hope all his books aren’t like that, even though I’m sure I’d read them regardless of the fact. I recommend The Gum Thief if you’re looking for an easy read. It won’t blow your mind or leave you wanting more, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been quick to read all of his books. I’ll give this one a 3.5/5.

Are you a fan of Douglas Coupland’s writing? If so, what is your favourite book from him?

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