2010 playoff ads: a cut above

Two major North American sports, hockey and basketball, are in the middle of their respective playoff series’ right now. If you’re watching them even semi-regularly you’ve likely noticed the league commercials promoting the playoffs for each league..

First up is the NBA‘s ads. The playoff ones are new versions of ones it had been airing throughout the season, focusing on one theme and highlighting different quotes from players/coaches. As soon as I saw them I immediately thought of the Allen Iverson “Practice” remix that’s all over the place. The ads are memorable and really well done, focusing on actual interviews; nothing (that I know of) is scripted so it means more.

The one I chose (below) centres around players talking about focus:

The NHL playoff ads took a different angle, but are no less impressive. These focus on the 2010 playoffs and watching history be made. They don’t look at current player accolades, but instead show past footage of players like Patrick Roy and Wayne Gretzky (below). These are players who stepped their games up in the playoffs and cemented their super-stardom in the post-season. The commercials ask, “What if there was no (insert quality from chosen player)?” while rewinding the video.

Check it out for yourself:

Both ads are incredibly memorable and it’s hard to pick a winner from the two. The NBA ones are more modern and play off peoples’ connection with music and a pop culture reference (Iverson tirade), so that sticks in the viewer’s mind. The NHL ads focus on nostalgia and cause fans to relive the games great moments and wonder what the game would’ve been like without those players.

I’d have to give the slight win to the NBA’s ads simply because they’re something I’d search out to watch on my own, whereas the NHL ones I like, but only really when I see them on TV.

Which one is your favourite and why?

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Social media marketer who also happens to be a tech geek that's addicted to reading, movies, music, sports and coffee. Anything said on this blog is my opinion (obviously).

2 Responses to 2010 playoff ads: a cut above

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  2. jarsea burphy says:

    i was trying to find those tv ads justlke you described with players sound bites extracted and used in a rap like vidoe context, couldn’t find them though.

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