No pressure South Africa only the world is watching

Today marked day one of FIFA World Cup 2010. Host country South Africa played to a 1-1 draw against the powerhouse Mexico (not) to kick things off on an exciting note.

I occasionally watch the Toronto FC here and there, and every four years when the World Cup rolls around I become a temporary fan. Soccer is a bit too slow for my liking; kind of like football (North American kind). I tend to drift in and out consciousness for both, but when it’s on the world stage, there’s a whole other kind of magic.

My immediate family background is British (Mom) and Caribbean (Dad). Since my Dad’s country (St. Vincent & the Grenadines) fairs worse than Canada, I tend to stick with England as my team of choice. England is kind of like the Maple Leafs because they’re generally on the cusp of greatness, but it’s been an eternity since they’ve won.

As the tournament ramps up I generally get more and more into the sport, especially since I have an allegiance to one team. I’m excited for England’s first match tomorrow against the United States. I’m not sure if I’ll head out or not, but either way I’ll be wearing my Rooney jersey and cheering them on. I think they’ll win, but if they don’t it will mean a lot of trouble, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a pub in England if they lost.

Since I normally do this I figured I’d give my predictions on the winners from each group. Much of it is based on little to no knowledge, which means I should do well. The two teams from each group that I pick to advance are bolded.

Group A – South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

Group B – Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Rep., Greece

Group C – England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

Group D – Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana

Group E – Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon

Group F – Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia

Group G – Brazil, Korea DPR, Ivory Coast, Portugal

Group H – Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

(And they say there are too many teams in NHL playoffs.. geez.)

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