The Household Guide to Dying – Reviewed

It’s been over a month since my last book review. The Household Guide to Dying by Deborah Adelaide caught my eye on the bookstore shelf, as I’m sure it has for many, with that title. It is a bout Delia, a copywriter-turned-novelist, who writes household guide books to everyday things, like laundry, for example. The difference with this one is a bit more serious. Delia has cancer, and it has pretty much spread throughout her body. She came up with the idea to write The Household Guide to Dying, since she was now an expert on it.

The book, while somewhat sad at some points, generally pokes fun at societies thoughts of dying. One chapter, when Delia is researching for coffins, she pokes fun at the fact that the funeral home representative kept referring to them as caskets, and dying as passing on (and other variations).

Delia also travels back in time to try and resolve some of her issues from her past, like saying good bye to her first child, who she had over 20 years prior that died from the result of a car hitting him. She closes old wounds and revisits old friendships as well, so there are some more serious memories that she has to deal with, just done with a bit of humor for the most part.

It took me quite a while to get into book 16 of my 26 for the year, which is why I suppose it took so long to read. I ended up enjoying it, though it probably won’t be making a “Top X” list of mine. I give The Household Guide to Dying a 2.5/5

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