The Fighter packs a definite punch

Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams

Yes the title is a bit of a cliche, but it works; I mean come on, it’s a boxing movie.

The Fighter tells the story of boxers Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and his half-brother Dicky Ecklund (Christian Bale). I’m not usually a fan of boxing movies, so I wasn’t expecting much coming into this one; however,  after leaving I wish I’d watched it a few weeks earlier so I could have put it on my Top 5 Movies of 2010 list.

What I liked most about The Fighter:

  1. The Cast: I was going to focus on Christian Bale’s amazing transformation into Dicky Ecklund, or Melissa Leo, the guys’ mother who was so very annoying at times, but I’ll chalk that up to good acting. Picking favourites wouldn’t do the cast justice, because they all put in great performances.
  2. Boston: I’m a firm believer that films based in Boston generally get critical acclaim and rightly so; most of them are awesome (The Town, The Departed, etc.).
  3. Montages: It wouldn’t be a boxing movie without a great montage or two, and this one definitely had that, including one to the Red Hot Chili Peppers (win).
  4. Cinematography: The camera work was great, specifically during the fight scenes when it had that early 90s television feel over the boxing broadcasts – seems like a little thing, but it made a difference to me.
  5. Story: I’ll give Marky Mark full credit for backing this film because the way the story of the two brothers was told was done in a way that didn’t come across as biographical, as many do. It was a tense, funny, sad film and it flowed perfectly.

I rate The Fighter a 5/5. Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts?

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4 Responses to The Fighter packs a definite punch

  1. Stella says:

    I really liked The Fighter. I came out of the theatre really wanting to learn more about the two brothers and their history. As you mentioned, it didn’t feel like a biography at all – there were no dull moments whatsoever. When Micky wasn’t boxing, the movie still captured his life in terms of his relationship with his loved ones as well as himself. Great movie. I give it 5/5 too!

    • Sean Bailey says:

      Hi Stella,

      I know I responded on Twitter, but I completely forgot to here. My bad 😦 It’s not too often that I start and finish a post the same night I see the movie, but after watching this one, I couldn’t wait to get writing! Glad to hear you share the same thoughts on the movie.


  2. Good call on Boston! You’re right, all good movies have been set in Boston (Town, Departed etc.). I loved this movie too. It will be a good Oscar year for sure!

    • Sean Bailey says:

      Hi Chantelle,

      There are so many I keep thinking of, like Mystic River, which is one of my favourites.. it’s a great atmosphere for stories I guess.

      What is your choice for Oscar? (Tough question – I know)


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