Turning the page…

Over the better part of this past year I’ve had the chance to grow a lot professionally, and the experiences I’ve gained at Palette PR and energi PR have been invaluable. As of last week, my time there has come to an end, and so I will soon be moving on to the next chapter in my career.

I’ve had the chance to work and become friends with some great colleagues and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’ll miss the many laughs, the loud rads, the in-house coffee, and every time I hear the Subway jingle I’ll think of you (but mostly about grabbing a meatball sub).

As I mentioned, I have grown a lot professionally in my time there, so here are a few highlights I thought I would share:

  • I’ve had the chance to put in to practice a lot of the traditional public relations I wanted a better understanding of when I first decided to join Palette
  • I learned to manage working with different clients, each with different sets of expectations and demands
  • The merger from Palette PR and Communications MECA to energi PR was a huge experience that I’m glad I was able to have early in my career
  • Having the opportunity to take part in social media planning and business presentations meant a lot to me
  • Most importantly I feel I have mastered (though not grown to love) timeslips

There are of course many other experiences I could list, but I wanted to keep this somewhat short. In closing, I am eager to get started on that next chapter, and will keep you informed on here (and twitter, of course). In the mean time, anyone free for a coffee? 🙂

About Sean Bailey
Social media marketer who also happens to be a tech geek that's addicted to reading, movies, music, sports and coffee. Anything said on this blog is my opinion (obviously).

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