Get out and vote, Canada

Voting is something many of us take for granted because it has always been an option for us, so we don’t understand the importance of it. If you watch the news, they show new Canadians voting for the first time and they are nothing if not ecstatic at the chance and understand what it means to have a say in the country’s democracy. They know it’s a duty, and not a chore of waiting in line one day every few years.

If you’re on the fence about voting, I hope you’ll decide to do it. Here are a few more reasons why you should (there are many more of course):

  • Your vote counts: With first-past-the-poll voting, many may not see their vote being worth much, but if every eligible young person voted, the government would speak to your needs more often because they know you care and will want to work toward your needs.
  • People are dying for the right: The recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria show how much people care for the right to vote. If you didn’t have the right you wouldn’t be able to do anything about your situation, so get out there and do something about it.
  • It’s not THAT hard: Bring your voter card and a piece of valid photo ID with you, wait in a line for a few minutes, register, vote, leave. Is the future of your country not worth a few minutes of your time?

One more thing – vote for who speaks to your needs the most, not for the party you think will get the most votes in your riding anyway. If your riding is Liberal by a landslide, but you are pro-NDP or Conservative, then vote for them. It will show there is a need to increase presence in your area for that party if enough people care to vote for them, and down the road, you may see a change in your riding’s poll results.

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