2011 NHL playoff predictions: Final Round

NHL Playoffs 2011The NHL Playoffs are the most grueling in all of pro sports. There have been 16 teams competing for Lord Stanley’s mug, and only two have made it through the three rounds necessary to fight for it. With their win in game seven against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Boston Bruins will be the team heading to Vancouver to face the Canucks on Wednesday June 1. Although I picked the Lightning to win, Boston has clearly shown they have what it takes to compete, and it will be good to see an original six team in the finals against one from Canada; either way, the Stanley Cup is revisiting its roots.

This series will come down to the goalies and while Thomas is older, he’s held up pretty well and is still battling each night, including the 1-0 victory to take the series against Tampa. The Canucks have also had to rely on Roberto Luongo, he has shown these playoffs that he can handle the load and I don’t see why he can’t continue that. Hopefully a good omen, found while searching for a better Canucks photo, I came across this EA Sports NHL ’11 post on October 6, 2010 predicting Vancouver would win the President’s trophy and the Stanley Cup as well (albeit against the ill-fated Washington Capitals). Even without that EA prediction, I’ve picked the Canucks in each round and Boston in none, so I’ll have to stick with what has gotten me here and go with Vancouver to take it all in six games.

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