The Change-Up: A cross between vulgar comedy and Disney movie

The Change-Up

Think of this movie as Freaky Friday meets a Judd Apatow movie.

Of course The Change-Up was produced by Universal, not Disney, and directed by Dave Dobkin, not Apatow (however his wife Leslie Mann was in it). It isn’t hard to draw the comparison because there’s the classic two people wishing they had the other one’s life, when something weird happens right after. The next morning, low and behold, their bodies have been swapped!

Where this is different from your typical Disney-esque movie is the humor. It’s not the most vulgar of comedies by any stretch, but there are some gross parts (one on a movie set, in particular) that I don’t want to give away, but you’ll know when you see them.

Ryan Reynolds, as Mitch, channels his inner Van Wilder (pot, sex, lewd humor) which he does so well, and Jason Bateman, as Dave, is the typical straight man that he does so well (lawyer, husband, father to twins). Both actors show off their versatility by flipping roles – we’ve seen Ryan Reynolds act serious before, but Jason Bateman acting like like a douche bag pot-head? That was something funny to watch.

I also have to give it to Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann for their supporting roles. Wilde’s acting wasn’t mind-blowing but it was good – she was clearly there for the eye candy, which I’m okay with. Mann is essentially the same in each movie, but whatever it is she does, she can keep it up, because she always makes me laugh.

Overall I wouldn’t put this one on the level of Horrible Bosses, Bridesmaids or even Hangover 2, but it was definitely a fun and funny movie to watch. If Harry Potter isn’t ruling the box office by August 5 when this one opens, I think it should do pretty well. I give The Change-Up a 3/5.

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2 Responses to The Change-Up: A cross between vulgar comedy and Disney movie

  1. Lou says:

    Movie review? Come on, you have not yet seen this movie, have you?

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