Paranormal Activity 3 turns back the clock

Paranormal Activity 3On Friday night I finally made it out to see Paranormal Activity 3 after weeks of waiting. I had skipped the second one in theatre, just because I thought the first was a fluke – boy was I wrong. This time I wasn’t making the mistake of watching it at home.

Like the second, part three takes us back in time, but now we get to know what Katie and Kristi went through as children in 1988. As I’m sure you can imagine, the technology back then was a bit more clunky than the cams we see in the first two films. That being said, they managed to keep it realistic by having the machinery mounted or oscillating (ingeniously) on a house fan. There was some carrying of the camera but it was minimal and generally in situations where you’d believe they’d bring it with them.

The ‘scare factor’ for this one is there, but being the third in the series, I (and everyone in the theatre) kind of knew what was coming. When I saw the first one, the audience was into it and as the movie went on, they become more vocal. With this one, there were a lot of (assuming) teens in the crowd and I found them to be a lot more vocal from beginning to end. It made the experience a little less intense, since I was distracted by their commentary. This isn’t a criticism of the film, just something I feel the need to point out if you decide to watch it in the theatre.

Even though it’s moving backwards, this one advanced the storyline and opened up a few options for the film makers. I’m not sure how they’ll manage to tell the story since technology would be an issue. I’m thinking they could move forward in time now and make it some kind of investigative thriller – we’ll have to see.

Overall I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one (though I may end up watching it at home instead). I give Paranormal Activity 3 a 3.5/5.

What did you think of the movie? Where do you see the franchise going from here?

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