2012 NHL Playoff Predictions: Second Round

2012 NHL playoffs

Every year the Leafs fail to make the playoffs I tell myself I won’t watch, but every year I’m pulled in by this insanely entertaining competition only the NHL can provide.

The first round was, for lack of a better word,intense. With all the upsets I’m sure my predictions weren’t the only ones that were shot. Out of the eight series, I successfully predicted the New York Rangers and Nashville Predators victories. Two of eight. That’s terrible, but as a fan, the upsets were exciting to watch. Yes the first place Canucks were eliminated (sad), but so were the defending champs Bruins (happy!) so that means we’ll have a new winner this year. Only those that get out of the second round have any chance of being that team so I’ll get on with my predictions:

Eastern Conference

New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals: The Rangers are coming off their near upset against the Sens and without much rest. The fast paced Capitals will have the advantage of the extra day so will have to capitalize early in this series if they want to give themselves a chance. If the Caps cant manage to get it together, I have no doubt the Rangers can take them on. It’ll be another tough test and I can’t see this series going fewer than six games. My pick is the Rangers in 6.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils: The Flyers have a lot of rest coming into this game, and like the Caps playing the Rangers, have to use that to their advantage early on against the Devils who are coming off a seven game series. The physical play that the Flyers showed against Pittsburgh has to come out in full force if they’re to beat the Devils. One thing though, if they’re not smart about how they play, New Jersey will shut them down. As much as I want the Devils to beat Philly I have to give the Flyers the edge in this one. Flyers in 6.

Western Conference

St. Louis Wings vs. Los Angeles Kings: I haven’t followed these two very much, but from what I saw in the first round, Los Angeles is a team to be reckoned with. Led by their amazing goalie, Jonathan Quick, they managed to overtake the Canucks, so that’s saying something. The Blues did better than I thought by advancing and are proving they have what it takes to win. I think this might actually be a good series to watch and in the end the L.A. Kings will come out on top. Kings in 6.

Phoenix Coyotes vs. Nashville Predators: In a battle of dog vs. cat, the Coyotes take on the Predators who are showing they’re ready to compete by showing they can handle the aging, but still tough, Detroit Red Wings. Each year I back the Preds because they always seem to have what it takes, but can’t capitalize on their chances. The Coyotes are resilient and it was quite a shock to see them knock out the Blackhawks, but I don’t see them getting by the experienced team from Nashville. Preds in 5.

So there are my pics for round two, what are yours?

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