The CN Tower, to a Torontonian

CN TowerThere’s something about the CN Tower that seems to make for such a great photo opportunity. Looking through my Instagram feed I notice I take quite a few pictures of the tower that watches over Toronto, whether it’s the focal point or not.

It seems like at least a few times a week, I see an Instagram shot of the Tower alone or part of the skyline. I admit, I find myself going, “Really? Another skyline shot?” from time to time, but it can still make for a great photo.

Whenever I think of the CN Tower, I think of Toronto. Ask most kids to draw their representation of the city, and the Tower will likely make it in there. The tower also acts as a representation of our city to tourists (even as it’s being enveloped by condos), and it’s something we should take the time to appreciate, though if you work in and around the city, you likely see it every day. Even if you don’t go in, it’s still an amazing feat of architecture and for that reason alone, it’s pretty cool.

What does the CN Tower mean to you? Do you have a favourite photo?

A Left-biased post

Something that’s always interested me is why I was born left-handed. I’ve seen/read so many experts comment on what makes righties and lefties different. On one hand I want to say that’s a bunch of crap, like astrology, a bunch of stuff that’s vague enough to make us think we fit into that category. Then there’s the’s the curious side that wants to look at the cool facts about left-handed people; usually the curious side wins that battle. Here are some cool southpaw facts:

  • 5 of the last 8 American Presidents have been left-handed (Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Ford & Obama)
  • Musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney,Tony Iommi and Kurt Cobain
  • Authors: H.G. Wells, Marshall McLuhan
  • Artists: Leonardo DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael

It’s intriguing how, in some cultures, the left hand is perceived as unclean or symbolizes shame and misfortune. Such old stigmas that continue today. I know of many people who were beaten for using their left hand or had them tied behind their backs, and it’s probably one of the reasons why there are only about 10% of people dominant on that side. That being said, the Incas consider left-handed people to have spiritual abilities and had the power for magic and healing. Silver lining.

I’m happy being left-handed. Whenever I find someone who’s left-handed in the same group I always have to point it out. It’s a sickness. (If you’re left-handed comment and tell me!)

Here’s a funny comic, not about left-handed people, but drawn BYE left hands… of right-handed people. I know they’re not left-handed, but .. whatever it’s funny and so is the rest of their stuff at

Sources: Being Lefthanded , Wikipedia, Famous Left-handers

2010 boycott #1: Michael Cera

Michael Cera: You were funny as George Michael in Arrested Development. You were funny as Evan in Superbad. You were even funny as Paulie Bleeker in Juno. Shortly after that you did Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and I gotta say I only went because it was a group decision, but you weren’t funny. Since then I haven’t seen you in a movie but from the looks of them YOU’RE STILL PLAYING YOURSELF!

My first boycott for 2010 is Michael Cera until I see him play a role that isn’t, well, Michael Cera.


I thought this would be a timely post, so enjoy. The hilarious clip is from the Rick Mercer Report on CBC from a few years back and something tells me it’ll ring true each and every year.

People generally overreact to snow and it gets kind of annoying after a while. If you’re driving? Drive cautiously. If you’re walking? Dress appropriately. The more you know.

Zombie invasion!

I came across this crazy site today that’s basically a zombified Google Maps, thanks to Phil Hartley, the National Post’s tech reporter. The program was created by Binary Space. Every time I visit it I can’t seem to tear myself away.

I set it up so there’s only 1000 humans vs. 2000 zombies. For a minute it didn’t look like anything was happening, but then at the top of the map a whole whack of zombies started flooding into the city and doin their thing. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and if you arm your citizens you can hear ’em shooting their guns at the zombies… they hardly have a chance though. Here`s a YouTube video of what you can expect… enjoy!

What do you think of the site?

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