The CN Tower, to a Torontonian

CN TowerThere’s something about the CN Tower that seems to make for such a great photo opportunity. Looking through my Instagram feed I notice I take quite a few pictures of the tower that watches over Toronto, whether it’s the focal point or not.

It seems like at least a few times a week, I see an Instagram shot of the Tower alone or part of the skyline. I admit, I find myself going, “Really? Another skyline shot?” from time to time, but it can still make for a great photo.

Whenever I think of the CN Tower, I think of Toronto. Ask most kids to draw their representation of the city, and the Tower will likely make it in there. The tower also acts as a representation of our city to tourists (even as it’s being enveloped by condos), and it’s something we should take the time to appreciate, though if you work in and around the city, you likely see it every day. Even if you don’t go in, it’s still an amazing feat of architecture and for that reason alone, it’s pretty cool.

What does the CN Tower mean to you? Do you have a favourite photo?

My new favourite wallpaper

A couple weeks back, I posted about my communist party wallpaper and how it was full of awesomeness. Well it still is, but after taking a look at Threadless, where the communist artwork came from (thanks Sahar!), I found the above masterpiece called “Pandamonium”.

I was one click away from buying these two as shirts, but by the time they may have arrived it would’ve been too late as a Christmas gift so I quickly closed the window and took away my temptation.

Ain’t no party like a Communist party…

… because the Communist Party doesn’t rock as much as this picture:

I don’t remember where I got this photo from or how, but it’s been my computer’s wallpaper for a couple weeks now. Though I’d share because it’s awesome! I always figured Karl Marx would be the craziest of the bunch.

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