After a week with the iPhone 4…

Last Friday I was leaving a work event and headed up Yonge street. I was at Queen so I figured I might as well head into the Eaton Centre and check if, by some stroke of luck, the Rogers store had any iPhone 4s. I went up to a guy demo’ing a Samsung device and he told me they’d just got a shipment in and had ran out. Dejected, I headed back the way I came, on my way to Queen station.

Randomly I noticed a small store called Batteries n’ Gadgets had a lineup. I thought to myself, they’d only be lining up for one thing, and one thing only. So I took the chance and headed in. The guy at the back of the line told me he was the cutoff point for iPhone 4s and that there was no more stock left, so I’d better check with the employees to make sure. So I walked up to the cash, where four guys were behind the counter trying to process orders, and asked if there was enough in stock for me to grab a device. He told me I might be able to get one, which was good enough for me. I hadn’t been this close to nabbing one so I figured I’d wait around a bit.

A few Fido customers weren’t able to upgrade, so I got pushed into the running for a device – I was quite excited. Eventually my turn came and I got my first smartphone, even though it was 32GB, which was a bit more than I wanted to spend.

That was the long background to the story. Now after a week with my iPhone 4 I’m sure many are sick of me talking/tweeting about my iPhone 4, so here’s a blog post to let you know my thoughts a little more. Because it’s new to me some of the following may be technology that’s common place now, so bear with me. And while I rave about it, it’s not all sunshine.


  • All-in-one device: I don’t have to walk around with my ipod touch and cell phone anymore. Pocket space saved!
  • Flash: Not Adobe’s Flash, but flash for the camera. One of the things that made me hold off on previous idevices was the lack of flash.
  • Amazing camera: Related to “Flash” above, the quality of pictures is astonishing.
  • Face Time: While I haven’t used it yet, it should prove to be quite fun, and if the commercials have taught me anything, it’s a way to break some pretty intense news.
  • Social media: Now I can take part in Twitter when there’s no wifi, or check-in on Foursquare (which I have been doing like a crack fiend).
  • Great apps: Yelp, The Edge 102.1 radio, Rogers MyAccount.. just some of the apps that I couldn’t get with the iPod Touch.
  • OS: The OS upgrade actually works with the device. The Touch was haggard after upgrading.
  • Multi-tasking: Not sure if the old one did this, but it’s great to receive a call while playing music and a game, and have that all come back after the call’s over.


  • Freezing/shutting off: Three or four times now it has shut off after a call or when trying to unlock it froze. This happened with my last cell so while it sucks, it’s likely not limited to the iPhone 4.
  • Cases: The cases I’ve looked at are terrible. It doesn’t appear that a good one was made, so I ordered from Apple. However it won’t get here until September.
  • Ear jack: The jack being on top really throws me off. On the Touch it was on the bottom, which makes infinite more sense.
  • One-touch dialing: I may have found a solution, but until then I’ll still feel like a newb, typing in the number or searching though my contacts to call them.
  • Heat: It gets much hotter than I thought it would, while charging or playing a game (while listening to music).

So there you have it, my review of the iPhone 4. If you’ve recently purchased one, let me know your thoughts, or for things I should be on the look out for.


Justify the iPad for me

Apple’s iPad recently went up for pre-order in Canada and many early adapters and Apple Fanboys (and girls) clicked that button to make sure they had their new device on May 28. I was not one of them.

I’ve been torn about this thing since it was first announced. I quickly threw it in the want pile, because I sure don’t need it. It’s a sleek device that, with WiFi or 3G access, you can find your way with Google Maps, show off your family pictures, watch movies, go on the Internet, read books…etc. The list goes on, but all those things are available on the iPhone/iPod! It’s less portable than an iPhone and I’d be kind of scared taking that out on the TTC.

Many would buy the iPad for reading, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of the reading actual books. The tactile feel makes a difference, and I’d be worried if something happened (or in the future another bright and shiny device is released) and I couldn’t access my books anymore; where would my library be then?

Another big factor is before the new year I bought a MacBook Pro. I simply can’t justify the cost of buying a half-computer, which the iPad basically is. I’d much prefer my laptop over the iPad simply because I can multitask (though I know that will be added this summer), I’d like to print documents and sometimes I need to use DVDs.

Until the day comes when this kind of device is not a supplement to actual computers, I can’t see myself justifying the purchase.

What is it about that iPad that draws you to it? Have you made the pre-order or are you having trouble justifying the purchase, like I am?

eReaders versus books

If you know me or read my blog you’ll know I like to read whenever I get the chance. With the release of the many eReaders on the market like the Amazon Kindle, the upcoming (in Canada) Apple iPad and the recently released Kobo eReader, many people appear to be making the switch from paper to digital. When it comes to this, I’m a little torn.

I’m a fan of bright and shiny technology and would jump at the chance to try new devices on the market, however I’m also a fan of having a collection of books and physically turning the pages. Newspapers are a similar story. I read my news online every day and it’s become a habit for me, though I still enjoy the folding up a paper and reading it with my breakfast or coffee from time to time.

Maybe in these cases nostalgia trumps new technology, or perhaps I’m just prejudiced as I’ve done nothing more than play around with the devices in stores. Do you have one of these devices? What made you switch, and do you miss physical books/newspapers?

Password protected relationship

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I got the inspiration for this post from the CBC’s Spark Twitter account where they were “Looking for stories about breakups where one ex continues to use the other ex’s email password.”¬† I’m curious to know how many people share their password while in the relationship, and the affects that has on it.

In this online world we live in there are so many passwords to so many sites we have to keep track of. Personally, I don’t give my password for anything out to anyone, including my girlfriend. It’s not a trust issue because I’m more than happy to log-in to my account and let her go nuts; it’s just something that’s been ingrained in me not to share. My girlfriend, on the other hand, has no problem giving her password to me because I’ll be the one uploading photos for her to Facebook, after I’ve edited them, or checking her email for her, if she’s awaiting something important and can’t get to a computer. I’ve told her time and again I don’t want her passwords, and I try to forget them, but that isn’t going to happen, and I’ve learned to live with it.

What have your experiences been sharing or not sharing your passwords with those closest to you?

You can also check out the Spark episode spawned from the question at Spark 102 – February 14 & 16, 2010

Should I choose a blog?

I had been planning on creating this blog for quite a while now. Now two weeks in, I feel very comfortable with the direction it’s heading. My posts don’t have¬† a specific focus like Burn After Blogging does, which means I can have a little more fun and write about varied topics.

I need some help on what I should do moving forward and I’d like for you to pick an option and help me out, if you would be so kind:

  1. Move on from “Burn After Blogging” and focus on this blog, which would also include social media/pr related posts.
  2. Keep both blogs, but link to this one on all my online profiles, therefore giving it more exposure.
  3. Status quo.
  4. Put off making a decision for now. Reconsider when I have to buy the domain name again.

If you have any other suggestions I’m also open, but I’d like to hear some opinions.


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