My love/hate relationship with Roll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim

Okay if you know me you know it’s mostly a love relationship.

My coffee intake is a well-known addiction,and this time of the year is like Coffee Christmas (or something – I’m coining it either way).  I don’t want to give the impression I’m drinking 5-10 cups a day; it’s a max of three and I try to make the 2nd and 3rd cup, a medium.

Slightly off topic, but even temptations to go into McDonald’s and get a free coffee from them for two weeks won’t sway me. I have this freak brand loyalty to Tim Hortons and I have yet to be persuaded to go elsewhere for my day-to-day fix. Starbucks is great for the occasional fancy beverage, and while at Chapters-Indigo looking through books, but otherwise I like the cost/taste of Tims.

My hate for this month-long treasure hunt comes out when I impulsively tally my score. I blame my competitive nature, but it gets on my nerve sometimes and is actually quite gross to know how much I’ve drank (and how much $$$ I’ve spent). When it comes to prizing, there just isn’t enough coffee winning cups out there (yes I know that’s their plan). I’m actually equally disappointed to win a donut as I am to lose completely.

When the promotion is up at the end of the month I’ll post an update of how I did. It’ll either be a happy or depressed post, nothing in the middle. Until then, here’s a funny clip from The Rick Mercer Report back in 2008 talking about what prizes lie under what rim:

And for those of you having trouble actually rolling up the rim to win. Here’s an instructional video:

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