NEW VIDEO: Kings of Leon – Radioactive

I’ve been hearing about Kings of Leon working on their new album but now that I know “Come Around Sundown” is coming out October 19, I can’t wait. I think next to Metric (side post: when are THEY coming out with another album? Jeez..), these guys are probably my favourite band.

Anyway, back to the video: I love this track! It’s a catchy tune with that typical Caleb Followill raspiness that is the Kings of Leon sound. The song (and video) has that southern American feel to it; I guess the guys wanted to head back to their roots, which are showing a lot. In an MTV article, drummer Nathan Followill is quoted saying the type of music was what they grew up with.

“Gospel music was a big part of us growing up,” the drummer said, “so to be able to come back and revisit that part of our lives at this stage in our lives is a very special thing.”

It’s good to see the band taking a fresh approach to their music. I’m excited for the upcoming one and will definitely be keeping an eye out for it. What do you think of the “Radioactive”?

My Musical Fix: Vampire Weekend

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Album: Contra

Release Date: January 12, 2010

For a couple months now Vampire Weekend‘s follow up release to their self-titled album has been a constant on my iPod Touch. Contra has been billed as a West Coast album by an East Coast band (cant find article) and after a while I began to understand. It’s the perfect album to listen to for a pick-me-up, when it’s cloudy or anytime in the morning when you need to get going.

The first song, Horchata, can be a bit of a weird one if you’re listening for the first time, but once the song picks up its somewhat weirdly placed vocals seem perfectly in sync with the background music. Moving on to song two, White Sky, we get a much more catchy tune. Listening on a crowded bus or subway can be a bit weird once the loud vocals kick in, but if you adjust your volume or just don’t care, then you can get over it.

I enjoy the ENTIRE album front-to-back but Holiday is the first song that really gets me into it. It’s a fast paced, upbeat song and it just seems to make everything right again. California English has a great start with its vocal effects. It’s another fast-paced song that keeps the tempo of Holiday and another you’ll want to listen to over and over again. Taxi Cab and Run slow the album down a notch, but it comes back with Cousins, which is the fastest song on the album (and even faster on the radio).

Giving Up the Gun is a great song to sing along to with slower vocals but a energetic tempo. The video (below) goes perfectly with it and has a surprising amount of cameos in it to boot. Diplomat’s Son is an awesome song, simply because it has M.I.A. as the background beat for the first part; it has a bit of an electric-reggae feel and to me is the song that has the best west-coast feel on the album. Ending with Contra the album goes out on a slow, relaxed note; almost like a sunset on a summer’s day (cheesy?).

What are your thoughts on the album?

(w00t this is my 50th post!)

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