For Treetop Canopying it’s worth the drive to Bracebridge

Treetop canopying at Eaglecrest Aerial ParkIf you’re ever looking for a great workout, you should go treetop canopying.

Thanks to a great deal from LivingSocial, a group of us went canopying and zip-lining to Eaglecrest Aerial Park in Bracebridge, this weekend. According to the site, the park features platforms from 10-50 feet high, and the types of courses we did were wobbly bridges, monkey lines, flippy bridges, balance beams and zip-lines – the final one a 350 foot zip across across open water.

While the zip-lining was the most thrilling, canopying was the most physically demanding, especially when you lack balance like myself. There are three levels, each with similar courses and higher altitudes, and by the time I reached the top level I was starting to feel it.

With each level, the distances between trees became longer which caused the ropes (not sure of the material) to become much more wobbly, causing me to go off balance more than once. Near the end, after much loud cursing in frustration, I was about ready to wave the white flag and surrender to the course, but with some painful effort to regain my balance using my arm pits (the rope pattern on this course was in a V shape, with the top two at my arms, while I walked on the bottom one), I trudged on and was able to finish.

After finishing the canopying, we did the 350 foot zip-line I mentioned earlier. That was a much needed reward after all the work we all did finishing the course. Unfortunately it only lasted a few seconds, but was very fun.

If you’re contemplating a trip to go treetop canopying and zip-lining, I highly recommend Eaglecrest. The staff seemed to love what they were doing, and were very helpful and nice. When it comes to pricing, even though we got the LivingSocial deal for $28, it would have been worth the full $56. Also, when researching the park, I found them on Facebook, so check them out!

Have you been canopying before? What did you think of the experience? Would you do it again?

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