Twitter clients for business: Why so few?

With more businesses taking advantage of engaging with their audiences via Twitter, I’m shocked at the lack of free clients out there. Of course small businesses or companies with one person manning the social media helm can manage just fine with clients like Tweetdeck or Seesmic, but what about those businesses that have teams of people answering customer questions and concerns online?

What works best for teams in that situation has been CoTweet. The ability to easily assign tweets to others to respond to makes life so much easier. You can also check past conversations to see if the person has tweeted the account previously and who dealt with them. Where CoTweet was lagging was the ability to monitor conversations, which is why it’s best to use it with a client like Tweetdeck.

Game changer?

Thursday morning I saw an email from Hootsuite‘s Ryan Holmes, announcing “teams can now coordinate tasks with increased efficiency and reduced hassle with the ability to assign messages to team members and share columns within teams.”

I immediately thought, ‘finally!’ Now teams can assign messages which at first glance looks like it’ll be a game changer for businesses using Twitter. Coupled with a Tweetdeck-like interface, plus the great functions of CoTweet, Hootsuite allows companies to do their job from the web, and with one client.

Competition coming?

There are so many mobile Twitter clients and they seem to pop up quite regularly, but I wonder where’s the competition for the business users out there? Is there not enough demand? Until then, Hootsuite will probably see a rise in users as those with CoTweet migrate over to see if it works for them and I predict many will stay.

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