It’s worth the drive to Edmonton

Or something like that…

Since I didn’t have the chance to blog much last week, I’ll do a few posts recapping my time in Alberta, this week. Last Tuesday, the girlfriend and I picked up our rental (2009 Pontiac G5) from Discount and (after grabbing a coffee) began our drive north to Edmonton. First off, it took a little time for me to get used to driving a car again, after driving a van for the last few years. After that though, the ride was smooth and the car handled really well.

The drive wasn’t too demanding for handling, since it was for the most part, one straight line. It took us just under three hours with one pit stop along the way and there wasn’t much in the way anything.

At the mall I was at first a little underwhelmed. It seemed like the Eaton Centre; not altogether special. As we kept walking we saw the pirate ship where you can climb aboard for a small price (great for kids). We took a couple pics by it and moved on. After a bit of shopping and lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory we went skating on the indoor rink. I haven’t skated since I was like 14 and the girlfriend hasn’t done so in a while too. It took me quite a while to get used to it again, and by the end my skating was alright (meaning I could go more than 30 seconds without stumbling) but the ice was getting choppy. Though she isn’t skating inclined I was proud with her performance and effort. It was a fun time and it’s unfortunate that I got the skating bug again in spring.

Other than skating we didn’t really take full advantage of what the mall offered, but if I was to go back with a couple children it would make for a great day.

Our drive home got real dark real fast, but we made it back in time to watch LOST. You can tell where our priorities were.

Oh and here’s Charmer by Kings of Leon. The song of choice for our trip:

Calgary Bound

No not permanently of course.

On Saturday I’m heading to Calgary to spend some time with the girlfriend who’s teaching there this year. I haven’t seen her since Christmas holidays and it’ll be a great reunion of sorts. It’ll also be the first time I’ve ever taken a plane so I’m happy to finally get that out of the way (hold the commentary).

For the first few (and last couple) days we have nothing concrete planned and we’re both not familiar with the good food and entertainment spots. If anyone reading this is familiar with the city I’d be more than happy to take a look at your recommendations!

The middle of the week is a bit more planned. On Tuesday we plan on heading up to Edmonton and staying for a night to check out some mall they have and do other touristy things. The next morning, coming back south we’re going to visit Jasper, because allegedly it’s very scenic and beautiful. We just plan on spending a few hours there, because we have to make it to our Banff hotel for check-in on our 3 day, 2 night stay there. I’m letting her do all the planning for the trip so I’m still not 100 per cent what we’ll be doing. All I know is it’ll either involve hiking up the mountain side or taking a gondola ride. Depending on the weather I’m looking forward to either one.

Sometime on Friday we’ll head back to Calgary and again it’s pretty much up in the air so far as planning goes for my last couple days. I’m pretty sure whatever we ending up doing will fly by and it will have felt like my trip was only a couple days.

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