Intern gone wild @MarcJacobsIntl

The latest corporate Twitter account to suffer from an employee not using their brain is Marc Jacobs (@MarcJacobsIntl). It appears an intern with the company (I’m sure the name will soon be revealed) took over the account – presumably it was his or her responsibility to update it – and posted a few not-so-positive tweets about the company:

This situation breeds the question, should an intern be responsible for managing a corporate social media account or should it be the responsibility of a permanent employee? In this case I am of the opinion that anyone – intern, employee or agency – can do harm to an account. Having a blanket policy like that would not solve a potential PR disaster like this one. These issues, while public when they happen, don’t happen that often in the grand scheme of things. What is most important for organizations, is to learn how to manage the after effect and repair the brand’s image, when they do happen.

I’m interested to see how the Marc Jacobs handles this, because unlike the mistakes that happened with Red Cross and Chrysler, this example is a blatant hijacking of the Twitter account. Either way I’m sure this is going to be a fun Friday for the communications team.

Thanks to @ChrissyChrzan for the title inspiration.
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