Netflix is my new entertainment fix


Late on Monday night I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a Netflix Canada account, which is free for the first month, then $7.99/month after that. I had been contemplating joining since it came to Canada in September, but I had never bothered to take the plunge.


I have to say, I’m impressed. Since signing up I’ve five movies (four documentaries, one comedy standup) and there is so much more content that I haven’t even sifted through yet. I’ve seen some criticism that there isn’t enough content, but considering the many licensing issues I’m sure they have to deal with, Netflix isn’t doing too bad.

Yesterday’s post by Ryan Lawler over at GigaOM shows just how popular the online movie streaming site has become; clearly people like it:

According to Sandvine’s latest Global Internet Phenomena Report, the subscription streaming service now accounts for 29.7 percent of all peak downstream traffic in North America. That’s up 44 percent from the previous figure released in Sandvine’s Fall Study just six months ago.

Also according to the article, since the September launch in Canada, the number of subscribers has already surpassed 800,000, which is a good chunk of the country’s Internet user base.


I’m impressed with the usability and reliability of the site, so far. Watching a movie is as simple as scrolling through the genre you’re interested in, or performing a simple search, and you’re there. All you have to do after that is click play. The quality is dependent on what your watching – though that can be attributed to the movie itself, not the service.

Another bonus is the fact that I can watch movies/shows on my iPhone from anywhere. This option is great for those on the go, or if you find yourself in a not-so-entertaining event; just open up the app and you’re good to go.


I know this post seems like it was paid for, but in my limited time with the service I honestly don’t have much to complain about. The one downside for me, is that I don’t have a Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 or Nintento Wii, so I’m stuck watching shows on my laptop/iPhone instead of my TV.

Have you signed up for the service? If so, what do you like/dislike about it? If not, how come?

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