The best of 2010: Top 5 Movies

Along with books, I’m just as big of a fan of movies. This year I haven’t seen as many as I normally do, but nonetheless here is my top 5 list for 2010. As with my top 5 book list, I’ll post a link to the review I did earlier in the year in case you want to check it out for more info:

5. The Social Network

Garnering a LOT of hype this year was the fictional adaptation of the origin of Facebook. To make it to #5 on my list says a lot for how good this movie was. I was not a fan of the idea of making it, but I was given the opportunity to watch a screening of it, so I said ‘hey, why not?’ I ended up enjoying it a lot, hence #5.

4. It’s kind of a funny story

This one probably won’t win any awards, because it appears to have flown quite under the radar. What makes this one so great for me is how it deals with the issue of depression and suicidal tendencies amongst teenagers. Zack Galifianakis’ role in the film is also a bit of a surprise, since he’s not overtly trying to be comedic, but instead as a patient in the psych ward of the hospital, has meaningful dialogue and shows he can act well. Check out more from my review from October 11.

3. Black Swan

This one had a lot of hype, going back to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) so I’ve wanted to check it out for quite some time. Natalie Portman’s performance was the best I’ve seen from her. She transforms herself into a timid ballerina dancer who is getting “old” and has one more chance to shine in the leading role of the Swan Princess in “Black Swan”. As the movie progresses we see her character unravel and become taken over by the character of the Black Swan, who she’s had trouble grasping. It was quite a trip to watch, and will definitely be a conversation maker with people who’ve seen the movie. Go watch!

2. catfish

As with my review, I’m not going to say much about this one because the more you know, the great the chance it will be ruined for you.

1. Waiting for Superman

This was a tough, emotionally draining movie to watch, as it showed real world examples of how the education system in America is failing. I highly recommend this one and would love to hear your thoughts on it, if you’ve seen it. Here’s my review from October 13: Waiting for Superman

While this year’s crop of movies was good, I think last year had a lot more gems to choose from. Looking over my top 5 list from 2009, I still want to go back and watch each of those movies – I hope this list has the same staying power.

What movie made it to the top of your list for 2010?

The Town: Boston accents and Oscar-worthy acting

The post won’t be written with a Boston accent, but feel free to read it that way, if you like.

On Friday night I went with the girlfriend to watch The Town, starring and directed by Ben Affleck. I saw the preview for it during another film a little while back, and was pretty amped to see it from the get-go. I’m not the biggest fan of Ben Affleck, but I do enjoy the New England crime movie genre that’s become popular over the last few years.

Going into the movie I was expecting a great performance from Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, and while I wasn’t necessarily disappointed, he was basically Don Draper as an FBI agaent – so, not much range there. The performances from Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), however, stole the spotlight. After his performance in The Hurt Locker, I expected Renner to do well, but for Lively I wasn’t expecting much. When she was on the screen, playing a Oxycontin addict with a child, sporting the famous accent, I wasn’t thinking of her rich-girl character Serena from Gossip Girl. I’d say Lively and Renner deserve nominations for Academy Awards, Golden Globes and whatever other award shows there are.

Image from

As for the movie itself, it had pretty much everything you could ask for. There was obviously a lot of drama and suspense, but it also had a great character-driven plot and even some funny moments during times you wouldn’t think they’d pop up (if you’ve seen it you’ll know the one scene that made everyone laugh). If you’re a fan of the genre I highly recommend you checking The Town out; you won’t be disappointed – I give it a 4/5. Another great review I happened upon was from Two Blondes Walk into a Blog. It’s worth checking out to get their perspective.

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