21 Jump Street: The comedy to beat in 2012

21 Jump StreetFrom the opening scene of 21 Jump Street when Schmidt (Jonah Hill) comes off the school bus dressed like Eminem with “The Real Slim Shady” playing in the background, I started laughing and couldn’t stop.

I never watched the original 21 Jump Street starring Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise, so I wasn’t that interested in seeing the movie, but this adaptation only takes the basic idea of the show so you don’t need to know anything about it.

Schmidt and Jenko (Channing Tatum) went to high school together – one was a nerd, the other a popular jock (you guess which was which). Years later the two found themselves in police academy and the same stereotypes were playing themselves out. Schmidt aced the theory and Jenko the physical. On their own, they were terrible cops, and together they complement each other, but still weren’t that special. After a failed bust, they were sent to an undercover operation on 21 Jump Street and sent to a high school to pose as seniors and investigate a new drug that was making the rounds.

The movie had everything you see in a comedy nowadays, but mixed with a good amount of action and a somewhat interesting storyline. Jonah Hill, much skinner this time around was his regular hilarious self, and Channing Tatum surprisingly did a good job – it was the first movie I’ve seen of his, and given his regular movie choices, it’s probably the only one. I was also happy to see Brie Larson, who played Kate Gregson in the awesome show United States of Tara. She played Hill’s love interest and just as she did with Kate, I genuinely saw her as an 18 year old senior.

If you’re looking for a laugh, I definitely recommend seeing this one. I’d say it’s kind of like Pineapple Express but without as much pot – it even featured a Franco, by the name of Dave Franco, aka James’ younger brother. I give 21 Jump Street a 4/5.

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