Kaberle the Kapitan?

Can you picture Leafs PA announcer Andy Frost saying, “Captain of your Toronto Maple Leafs, TOMAS KABERLE!”

Sounds a little weird to me, how about you? I guess I’m still in Sundin mode.

As weird as it sounds, Kaberle is the best choice on the team for Captain. I wouldn’t have even hinted at the thought last year, or any year prior to this. I was one of the many rooting for him to be traded, but for whatever reason he seems to have grown into a more mature player, which isn’t hard to do on a team so young.

At 31, Kaberle is still in his prime and his stats show it. He’s the team leader with with 30 points (2G, 28A) which is setting up to be a career year for him if he manages to stay healthy. There’s also just something intangible about what he’s bringing to his game that’s actually making me like him as a player again.

The only other option I could see as a choice would be Nik Hagman, 30, who is a hardworking beast and 2nd on the team in scoring (30 points). I really wished to see Matt Stajan, almost 26, grow into the role, and down the road he still may, but right now I don’t see that happening. (Coincidentally all three players are top 3 in Leafs scoring, but don’t think that’s the reason I’m mentioning them.)

The question I ask is why SHOULDN’T Kaberle be the new Leafs captain? And if you don’t think he’s a good choice, who should the Leafs name? Or should they keep things the way they are and have a bunch of Alternates?

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