eReaders versus books

If you know me or read my blog you’ll know I like to read whenever I get the chance. With the release of the many eReaders on the market like the Amazon Kindle, the upcoming (in Canada) Apple iPad and the recently released Kobo eReader, many people appear to be making the switch from paper to digital. When it comes to this, I’m a little torn.

I’m a fan of bright and shiny technology and would jump at the chance to try new devices on the market, however I’m also a fan of having a collection of books and physically turning the pages. Newspapers are a similar story. I read my news online every day and it’s become a habit for me, though I still enjoy the folding up a paper and reading it with my breakfast or coffee from time to time.

Maybe in these cases nostalgia trumps new technology, or perhaps I’m just prejudiced as I’ve done nothing more than play around with the devices in stores. Do you have one of these devices? What made you switch, and do you miss physical books/newspapers?

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