Which is funnier: Chat Roulette, Handsome Men, Hercules?

I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Most of them are brought to me through Twitter, other friends or my nephew Arron. I’ve been looking for ways to get more video posts up on here so I’ll see how this goes. I’ve posted three clips which I’ve recently watched and I’d say all are equally hilarious in their own right, but where would you rate them 1-3?

Chat Roulette Impov #1

With around 4 million views, as of this posting, Merton has already created a need for more. What a better way to use the randomness that is Chat Roulette? And could it be any funnier? I think not. Another sign of YouTube success comes with the parody (see: Ben Folds).

Handsome Men’s Club

Slightly dated, but I only just saw this one. It’s quite a long skit from the Jimmy Kimmel Show and features a ridiculous amount of stars. That in itself makes it awesome, but it’s the end that makes it hilarious it for me. What about you?

Hercules vs The Great Bear

Finally the most out-of-left-field entry has Lou Ferrigno as Hercules in the 1983 movie (or 84 – yes a sequel was made!). He’s fighting off a bear and throws the bear into outer space. WHAT?

After watching the videos which would you say is the funniest? We all know the Chat Roulette one is the most watched/ front of mind video. Can the other two overtake it for funny? Let me know!

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