My top 5 albums of 2009

This is the top 5 I’ve been waiting for the most so I saved it for last. I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 5 ___ of 2009! My top 5 albums of the year are of course my opinion. I haven’t listened to everything out there so if you have your faves please share!


(500) Days of Summer- Soundtrack

The movie (500) Days of Summer made it to number three on my Top 5 movies of 2009, and its soundtrack of course comes in at number five. I rarely notice the music in movies, but with this one it seemed to play such a big part that I couldn’t avoid it if I tried. Whenever I hear the Hall & Oates song, You Make My Dreams now, I think of Tom while he’s happily in love and doing an Enchanted-esque song and dance through the park. The Smiths helped them find a common bond in the elevator while Tom was listening to them and Summer could hear through his headphones. There was quite a few other gems including, Us and Hero by Regina Spektor and Bad Kids by the Black Lips. Here’s “Us” by Regina Spektor:


New Moon – Soundtrack

While I didn’t see the move, nor do I intend to, I heard a lot about the greatness of this album. It surprisingly features some great bands like The Killers and Thom Yorke. The album is great for working. It’s songs are excellent but not distracting enough that you feel the need to sing along and therefore become distracted. This soundtrack deserves all the hype it’s getting and I highly recommend it! I give you “Meet Me on the Equinox” by Death Cab for Cutie:


Metric – Fantasies

Though this isn’t the best album by Metric, it’s still good enough to make it to number three. I may be judging it a little more harshly because it came out so early in the year and the awesomeness factor has died down a little, though. The songs are solid, catchy and quality is top-notch as with any Metric project. They’re one of my favourite groups and if they continue putting out solid albums like this one I’ll continue to promote the heck outta them. Here’s what I think was the last single from the album. Simple but great video – “Sick Muse”:


Dragonette – Fixin to Thrill

Dragonette’s Fixin to Thrill just so happened to be my first album review on In Sean’s Opinion. The gist of what I think of the album is there, so all I’ll say is that this is a catchy, uplifting mix of songs that will beg you to come back for more. I linked to “Fixin to Thrill” before so now I’ll throw to “Gone too far”:


Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

I wasn’t a big fan of Franz Ferdinand before this album but they’ve certainly converted me. This album made for a great companion during the commute into school and work earlier in the year. In fact, I tend to relate a lot of music to experiences, not always feelings. If I close my eyes, this one puts me on the streetcar in the early morning, and walking up Spadina to my internship. If you’re fortunate enough to listen to the remixed version of the album it adds a whole other dimension to the listening experience. Here’s the video for “Ulysses”. Not my favourite song on the album, but a great video:

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