The news that was 2010

After watching a few programs highlighting the top news according to Canadians in 2010, I thought I’d give my own 5, because we all know how much I love doing top 5 lists by now. What are your Canadian news highlights (or low-lights) of the year?

5. HST

As if our economic struggles weren’t bad enough, the Ontario and British Columbia governments had to slap the harmonized sales tax (HST) onto the majority of our bills. I wish Ontarians had a stronger backbone and stood up to the tax like those in BC.

4. Rob Ford

..err I mean..

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford <- Not something I enjoy seeing. I was so shocked to hear he was elected mayor of my city. Unfortunately this is probably the first domino to fall for a larger conservative political movement in the province. So help us all.

3. Russell Williams

Sick and Twisted – the only way to describe this guy. Good things don’t always grow in Ontario, it seems; let this one rot in Kingston Penitentiary.

2. G20

Ahh, the G20.. so much debate was seen on this event across many news networks and of course on Twitter. It brought out so many opinions on the matter of over-spending, police brutality, rights to protest, etc. Check out the blog post I wrote on the topic.

1. Vancouver Olympics

Yes, my top choice was also Canada’s top choice, but I couldn’t help it, no matter how hard I tried. For a couple weeks my tweets were probably 90% about the Olympics. Is there any one highlight? Yes of course. The Gold medal winning hockey game was my favourite, as I was downtown celebrating in the streets with the rest of Canada. GO CANADA GO!

Status quo on sex education in Ontario

As of Thursday morning I’d planned on writing this post as an applause to the McGuinty government for revamping the sex education curriculum in schools; now not so much.

If you’re out of the loop, the planned curriculum called for sex education to begin in grade one, where kids would learn basics like body parts. As they got older they’d learn about sexual orientation and eventually other, more detailed sexually oriented topics.

I came home last night to find out the Ontario Liberals have decided to table the plan for the time being after receiving backlash from religious groups. Way to back down to pressure McGuinty! It’s a shame that they’ve passed up a real chance to teach kids something useful at a young age. I never would’ve imagined a government willing to do something like this; I guess it was too good to be true.

A funny thing about this is the Liberal flip flop has those applauding the original plan now grumbling in anger. According to the Globe (linked above), the whole curriculum change was under the radar until one person complained – that says most people were either okay or indifferent about the changes.

In addition to all this, a National Post blog post says those leading the charge against changes claim the new curriculum was “part of a larger political agenda to make homosexuality more acceptable to society and to influence young children to “practise” homosexuality.” These are the people influencing our government’s decisions.

What are your thoughts on the original plan to change the curriculum, and then the flip flop by the Ontario Liberals?

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