Has The Office pulled a Fonzie and “jumped the shark”?


I think any fan of this show in their right mind will agree that this season it’s gone downhill. What I’d like to know is when did the show jump that proverbial shark? I have a few possibilities:

  1. The merger of the two branches, introducing Andy Bernard to the main office gang. I liked the Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael + others feel. Around this time we began to see more and more of the other cast having a bigger role. With the expanded characters, there were too many personalities to deal with. It lost its simplicity.
  2. The 1-hour episodes. At first I was all for it, as any addicted fan would be. After a few weeks, 1-hour was clearly too much for this kind of show. I felt story lines drag out far too long and it became stale humour, not the quick, awkward witty humour I enjoy.
  3. Pam and Jim’s wedding. It’s something everyone wanted. It’s something we were teased with pretty much from episode one. It was that carrot that kept us watching, waiting, anticipating its eventual arrival. When they gave it to us it was great. Now they’re just a couple… a happy couple… a happy couple with a baby on the way… How is that funny?

Those are my three potential shark jump moments in the show’s history. If I had to pick I’d say the wedding is one I’m leaning to the most, but the other two have equally strong cases for me.

What do you think made The Office jump the shark? Or do you think it has even done so?

For those who’d like to know the origin of the term, “Jump the Shark”, watch this:

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