South Park does Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette was recently parodied on the South Park episode “You have 0 friends”, which of course means it’s now important in pop culture. As can be expected though, it wasn’t painted in the best light. The message Cartman gives at the end, however,  is the perfect analogy for finding friends “IRL”. By the way, the content is likely NSFW so you’ve been warned:

Online Media Gazette featured a review of the episode (and good clips), which mainly focuses on people’s obsession with befriending others on Facebook. It also takes a look at other obsessions like Farmville, poking and relationship statuses. It’s a bit delayed seeing as Facebook has been around for quite a while now, but I found it to be a great commentary and of course, funny.

The entire episode can be seen on The Comedy Network, which has plenty of other full episodes if you want to check them out.

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