2012 Entertainment Year in Review

I haven’t blogged much this year, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to share my Top picks for 2012. Instead of sharing a few posts, I’ve combined all into one action-packed review post <images coming>. Share your thoughts!

Top Movie: The Hunger Games

hungergames-1I’ll probably receive some criticism for this one, but I’d read the trilogy in anticipation of the movie,  at the

beginning of the year, and since the story was so fresh in my mind, I was excited for this one to come out. Thankfully, compared to the book, this one did not disappoint. Of course there were some parts that were taken out that I believe should have been left in, but overall it was exciting, well acted/written and visually appealing. A must see if you haven’t already (but read the books first).

Runners up: Comedies come close to taking the top title this year with 21 Jump Street and Ted. If you haven’t seen these, prepare to be in pain from laughing as they are ridiculously hilarious.

Top Book: The Glass Castle

The Glass CastleLike I note every year, my top books aren’t necessarily books that came out this year. As I wrote in my review, I didn’t have any expectations when I started reading this one, but it eventually pulled me in and became a book I didn’t want to put down. Jeannette Walls has a great writing style and I’m excited to read more from her in the future.

Runners up: This hasn’t been a great year for picking good books, and the bulk of my favourites happened at the start of the year. My #2 book was The Hunger Games Trilogy and ROOM.

Top Album: The Killers – Battleborn

Killers- BattlebornThis album felt like it was a long-time coming – four years in fact, since Day & Age was released. From the moment I started listening to it, I couldn’t stop. As a group, these guys are consistent and put out music they know their fans will love. It’s a solid album that I’ll probably be listening to years down the road.

Runners up: This was a tough year as the two runners up – Metric – Synthetica and Dragonette – Bodyparts – could have easily taken the #1 spot.

The Glass Castle: a memoir you will not want to put down

The Glass CastleIf you ever think you have issues with your own family, or you need inspiration to get out of a bad rut in your life, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is the perfect read.

Even though memoirs are subjective and perhaps embellished to make for better story telling, you still have those incredible experiences at the heart. If you forgive any of those embellishments, Walls and her family certainly went through many incredible experiences, to say the least. As I progressed through the book I found myself reading with my mouth hanging open in shock, or yelling at her parents for their countless screw ups. Though at the same time I always felt each incident made the kids stronger and more resilient.

I feel Walls wrote the book without the emotional connection and felt it was important let the reader decide for themselves how to feel based on her actions as a child. Her parents offered up many opportunities for her to lash out, but she often balanced her father’s drunkenness and mother’s scatterbrained behaviour with tidbits of how well-read or educated they both were. It was extremely well pieced so that while you feel anger at their actions, you don’t necessarily feel sorry for them, especially after moving to New York in their later years.

This was a novel I didn’t expect anything from, and after a slow start it eventually picked up and I couldn’t put it down. Walls’ story kept getting more interesting with each page turned. It was an inspiring read that reminds the reader that you don’t get to pick your family, but even through adversity it’s always important to stick with them, and be proud of where you come from because it made you who you are. I give The Glass Castle a 5/5.

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