Steak and chicken at Joey Restaurant

Joey Restaurant menu

On Friday night the fiancée and I decided to try out the new Joey Restaurant near Yonge & Dundas. I was fortunate enough to have won a gift card when they were promoting the July 4 opening on Twitter, so I wanted to make good use of it.

When we got there around 5:30pm, it was already busy, so we had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated. In the meantime, we were offered a free sample of wine, which we gladly tried. Once we were taken to our somewhat dark, but nice booth we had a look at the menu. Joey Restaurant

After much deliberating I decided to go with the 9oz CAB Top Sirloin which came with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes wrapped in some flaky pastry. I had no complaints about the food. The steak was made just as I’d wanted it (medium-rare) and while I was worried the mashed potatoes would be bland, the wrapped pastry with sour cream and chives (I believe) on top, added that extra flavour.Joey Restaurant

For her meal, the fiancée went with the Bombay Butter Chicken which was served with toasted almond basmati rice, grilled naan bread and lentil papadum. She’s a fan of butter chicken in general, and she seemed to enjoy this one quite a bit. She doesn’t always finish her plates when we go out, but she managed to eat it all.

We were both tempted to get dessert, but we were full enough from the meal, which is usually the case (see eyes bigger than stomach syndrome).

Overall we had a great experience at Joey, though if you want an entree it’s a bit on the mid-to-high price range for me (I’m cheap, sue me). It has great atmosphere and is a good middle-ground option for groups having trouble deciding where to eat.

If you’ve been, what’s your favourite dish at Joey?

The news that was 2010

After watching a few programs highlighting the top news according to Canadians in 2010, I thought I’d give my own 5, because we all know how much I love doing top 5 lists by now. What are your Canadian news highlights (or low-lights) of the year?

5. HST

As if our economic struggles weren’t bad enough, the Ontario and British Columbia governments had to slap the harmonized sales tax (HST) onto the majority of our bills. I wish Ontarians had a stronger backbone and stood up to the tax like those in BC.

4. Rob Ford

..err I mean..

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford <- Not something I enjoy seeing. I was so shocked to hear he was elected mayor of my city. Unfortunately this is probably the first domino to fall for a larger conservative political movement in the province. So help us all.

3. Russell Williams

Sick and Twisted – the only way to describe this guy. Good things don’t always grow in Ontario, it seems; let this one rot in Kingston Penitentiary.

2. G20

Ahh, the G20.. so much debate was seen on this event across many news networks and of course on Twitter. It brought out so many opinions on the matter of over-spending, police brutality, rights to protest, etc. Check out the blog post I wrote on the topic.

1. Vancouver Olympics

Yes, my top choice was also Canada’s top choice, but I couldn’t help it, no matter how hard I tried. For a couple weeks my tweets were probably 90% about the Olympics. Is there any one highlight? Yes of course. The Gold medal winning hockey game was my favourite, as I was downtown celebrating in the streets with the rest of Canada. GO CANADA GO!

It’s looking like Nuit Blanche is not my thing

I may not have been to the best spots for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (#snbTO), but am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of lame? Sure there are some gems out there, but man, both times I’ve gone the “art” has been so lackluster and boring. I got the impression that the people who were having the best time happened to be those carrying open liquor and beer down the street. I have trouble criticizing this stuff because I get how it is artwork to many, but personally I only went down for the atmosphere and maybe a few cool pictures.

At Yonge-Dundas Square there was supposed to be a huge bonfire going on, and what do we get? This:

Nathan Phillips Square had a mini-concert going on with with the lights off, along with interesting visuals, which was one installation I liked:

After that we walked along Queen Street West and didn’t come across anything until the CTV building:

Yes I know that wasn’t the installation. They were airing short films, which while good, should have been at TIFF or something (and weren’t very photo-worthy):

Again we started walking west and didn’t see anything. We ended up meeting a friend at 401 Richmond and saw an installment there. Didn’t take a picture of it because it was just slats for people to lie down on, with tea making demonstrations. Huh?

We gave up after that and had a drink at Tortilla Flats. If I go again, I’m going to start off in Parkdale, where it seemed most of the fun stuff was happening. I’d also like it if installments were a bit closer together and maybe more of them. This would justify shutting down Yonge Street for a single street performer.

What did you think of Nuit Blanche? Am I the only one who thought it lackluster?

Conflicted over the G20 conflicts

This weekend’s G20 in Toronto saw some of the most astonishing acts I’ve ever seen in my city. My feelings on what happened are quite conflicted and I’m sure many Torontonians are feeling the same.

I’m all for people peacefully protesting for causes they believe in; this is a right we all have, living in a democratic country. At the beginning, many of the protesters were in fact being peaceful from what I could see on TV. If this continued, I’m sure the police wouldn’t have acted as much as they eventually did. It was only when the infamous Black Bloc decided to join in, that everything decided to hit the fan.

It’s now common knowledge that these thugs aren’t there to protest for any cause, but to cause damage and incite rioting. After all of this happened, the police were taking no chances with protesters, blocking them off at all points and trying to disperse them wherever they could. At this point, I fully supported the actions taken by the police and G20 security forces, however it would’ve been much more advantageous to all if they’d stopped them before causing the damage . It’s very easy to judge forces on their actions, but I’m sure it’s much more difficult for them to plan on where/when they’ll specifically attack.

They did step up their take down of others, after the fact, who had changed out of their black garb and into regular civilian clothing. With all the surveillance downtown, many were probably caught and in other seemingly non-violent protests, the police took out individuals they deemed suspicious.

Many say they were attacking innocent people but if they have intelligence that rioters are texting to mobilize troops then it makes sense to take out people texting. I wasn’t there and I’m sure there are those who will disagree with me, but if police are also telling people to repeatedly to back away and they don’t? Well that that also gives them reasonable cause to take action, in my opinion.

On Sunday night there were many people who were held up at Spadina Avenue & Queen Street West for about four hours. Quite a few, even members of the media, were detained or arrested. The thing is, most of these people weren’t protesting anything, but say they were just in the area. The question that I asked all weekend was, if you’re not protesting anything, why are you putting yourself in such close vicinity of the officers who you know are arresting people who get too close? Many people would’ve solved much strife by listening, or just staying home. That being said, many of these people were held in the pouring rain for much of the time and not provided with any kind of shelter – that’s not acceptable. What’s even less acceptable was the fact that after holding people for so long, they eventually let many go since they had no space for them in the chartered TTC buses. It just goes to show they had no legitimate reason to hold them to begin with.

It’s been said many times, but these meetings, where nothing new is apparently done, should be taking place at the UN or on secure military bases, if they insist on having it in a different country each time. The over $1 billion cost to tax payers is ridiculous coming from a summit that is supposed to discuss creating a more fiscally sound world economy. That money, as we all know, could go to countless different causes and make many peoples’ lives better. And what about the cost of repairs to many businesses who have had their facades destroyed and others who have had to close for security reasons? I didn’t have feelings either way toward this summit until it came to my city, but now I wish it never did.

Please check out the Toronto Star’s photo blog on the G20 protests.

Sushi is back on the menu

I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine of all kinds, but mostly the raw variety. You can imagine my disappointment when each time I went to eat it I found myself getting sick afterward. I stopped limited my intake of the good stuff for a while until I came to the realization that it may have had something to do with the coffee I was drinking around mealtime.

So today I made sure to wait long after my morning cup (free at McDonald’s – take THAT Tim Hortons!) and went to Sushi Shop, a relatively new place that opened up on Bloor Street East, near Church (another location at Carlton/Yonge). After much deliberation I ordered the Double Salmon Maki. Similar to the picture above,  but this version had salmon draped on the outside of the roll. I’m a big fan of Salmon Maki so seeing this made me anxious to try it.

I’m not a connoisseur of cuisine or anything but the food was very tasty. I did takeout and was lucky enough that the roll was just being made, so I didn’t have to wait very long. If you decide to make it a sit down visit there are about five or so tables, though when I was there there was just one table taken up. The service was also great; there seemed to be a lot of people working such a small restaurant, but they were nice and helpful.

Next time I get a craving, I will definitely be heading back to Sushi Shop again in the near future and It turns out my body hates sushi and I’m quite possibly allergic to it (maybe that whole high mercury level thing?) so I won’t be eating it again (sad face). HOWEVER…  if you’re in the area I don’t see why you wouldn’t drop by.

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