How Twitter made me addicted to the Olympics

About a month ago, if you had asked me if I was going to watch the Vancouver Olympics (#van2010), I most likely would’ve said ‘no way, I don’t really care for them anymore.’ Let’s just say my opinion of the Olympics has been changed a full 360 degrees – thanks in large part to Twitter.

It all started with the opening ceremonies. Everyone I’ve talked to (who’s on Twitter) says reading the stream is what made it the most entertaining. Snark was out in full force that night and I’m pretty sure I was in pain a couple times from laughter. My tweets started off nice enough, then kind of degraded in to snarktown. Here are my first 5 and you can see where it went from there:

Another big part that Twitter played in my enjoying the games was the camaraderie. It’s not like I don’t experience this every day online, but when a good chunk of my followers are taking part in the same thing, I felt like I was in a bar and sharing the experience with everyone, minus the beer and deafening noise. It was great to see the flood of reactions to gold medal wins or terrible goals given up by Canadian teams.

My tweeting experience was capped off by watching the final game and event of the Olympics, the Gold medal win by Team Canada downtown at a bar with people I’ve quickly become friends with through Twitter. It was a great experience and an amazing ending to it all.

This is the first time where social media has really had a chance to shine during the Olympics and to be honest I don’t know how I’ve survived watching them without it. I can’t wait for London so we can do it all over again.

Canada’s GOLDEN Girls!

Canadian history was made with the women’s hockey team winning the GOLD MEDAL over the United States last night. That win brought the country’s record eighth gold medal and they also became the first Canadian hockey team to win a gold medal on Canadian soil.

The game itself seemed slow, but they did what it took to get the victory and played a tight defensive game to shutout the States. I really thought they’d put up more of a fight because they’ve been the team that’s Canada’s only competition, EVER. Finland, who came in third with the bronze medal, is a young team to watch and hopefully, along with other teams like Sweden and Switzerland, will become better so they can compete against the Canadians and make for a more interesting tourney. One day it’ll happen and it can only benefit the sport, even if one day it means Canada is no longer the go-to for gold.

Until then though, we’re THE OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS! GO CANADA GO!

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