First flight!

Saturday March 27, 2010 marked my first time flying ever! It was from Toronto to Calgary with West Jet and the experience was pretty cool.

  • At baggage check, thought my bag could have been overweight because I forgot to weigh it. Turned out it was well under and was processed quickly.
  • Security check was a little daunting but it was a quick process and I wasn’t even searched!
  • After that I needed a coffee (as usual) so went to the Tim Hortons which had a huge lineup (apparently, as usual). I didn’t think I’d have enough time (15 minutes before boarding) but I did, and managed to get through half a bagel before being called.
  • Since I pre-booked, I got a window seat and luckily no one else was in my row so I didn’t have to deal with any annoying people or babies. 🙂
  • When the plane finally took off it was such an amazing experience. Seeing all the people and buildings below turn ant-like made me understand why people want to become pilots.
  • The not so fun part was my ears popping. But eventually that was over with and all was well again.
  • In the air above the clouds there’s not much to look at so I spent most of my time watching a few episodes from season one of “Chuck”, reading and listening to musak.
  • Service was great as they came around offering little snacks like bits n’ bites or peak freens cookies.
  • Fast forward to the landing and that ear popping experience was very annoying. The babies on board went a little nuts, needless to say.
  • De-boarding the plane was quick and painless, as everyone got off within five-10 minutes.
  • Meeting my girlfriend at the baggage pickup section was by-far the best part though and off we went home in a surprisingly warm and sunny day.

So there you have it, my first flying experience. If you’re fortunate to remember your own, what was it like? Do you have any horror stories, or really positive ones like mine? Let me know!

Calgary Bound

No not permanently of course.

On Saturday I’m heading to Calgary to spend some time with the girlfriend who’s teaching there this year. I haven’t seen her since Christmas holidays and it’ll be a great reunion of sorts. It’ll also be the first time I’ve ever taken a plane so I’m happy to finally get that out of the way (hold the commentary).

For the first few (and last couple) days we have nothing concrete planned and we’re both not familiar with the good food and entertainment spots. If anyone reading this is familiar with the city I’d be more than happy to take a look at your recommendations!

The middle of the week is a bit more planned. On Tuesday we plan on heading up to Edmonton and staying for a night to check out some mall they have and do other touristy things. The next morning, coming back south we’re going to visit Jasper, because allegedly it’s very scenic and beautiful. We just plan on spending a few hours there, because we have to make it to our Banff hotel for check-in on our 3 day, 2 night stay there. I’m letting her do all the planning for the trip so I’m still not 100 per cent what we’ll be doing. All I know is it’ll either involve hiking up the mountain side or taking a gondola ride. Depending on the weather I’m looking forward to either one.

Sometime on Friday we’ll head back to Calgary and again it’s pretty much up in the air so far as planning goes for my last couple days. I’m pretty sure whatever we ending up doing will fly by and it will have felt like my trip was only a couple days.

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