Your Highness: A fun movie but not memorable

Your Highness movieWritten by, and starring Danny McBride, Your Highness is a medieval comedy that, despite receiving many negative reviews, delivered a lot of laughs and added a twist to the average stoner comedy we’ve come to see over the past few years.

First off, it really wasn’t as much of a stoner movie as say, Pineapple Express (also directed by David Gordon Green), but it had just as much action, if not more. Along with McBride as Thadeous, the movie also featured James Franco as Fabious and Natalie Portman as Isabel who were on a quest to save Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) who was captured by the evil Lezar (Justin Theroux). Like Pineapple Express, while the weed/sex jokes were expected, the action scenes like horse chases, cage fights with monsters/witches gave it some added value and entertainment.

Entering the movie I knew I wouldn’t be getting an award winning performance so I left my brain at the door and I found I enjoyed it a lot. If you’re looking to get value for your buck I wouldn’t recommend seeing it in theatres but it’s worth a rental in the future. On entertainment value I give “Your Highness” a 3/5.

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